5 best strains for outdoor adventures in autumn

As we drift away from summer and into fall, you may be curious about what strains can help enhance your experiences and make this time of year even better. Uplifting, social, and creative strains are all great for elevating outdoor adventures and fall fun. We’ve rounded up some of the best fall strains for outdoor activities so you can make this the best, highest fall you’ve had. 

What makes a strain perfect for fall? We look for strains that energize and excite, rather than strains that sedate or make users sleepy. Energizing euphoric strains are key during the fall season to get us out of the house and onto the trails!

And while we don’t think you can go wrong with any weed in the fall, here are our top picks for getting outside and soaking up some adventure. Stop by our Fitchburg weed store to find them or ask one of our friendly budtenders for more recommendations. 

Mandarin Cookies

For a fruity and sweet fall time treat, Mandarin Cookies is a great strain to puff on. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Mandarin Sunset that produces uplifting and relaxing effects, perfect for any occasion that combines fall time with outdoor adventures.

Our suggestion? Set up a picnic blanket, snacks, and a good book. Then, light up some Mandarin Cookies and chill out next to some fall leaves. 

Lilac Diesel

A delightful cross between Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden, NYC Cherry Pie and Citral Glue, Lilac Diesel is another perfect strain for fall time relaxation. Relax lakeside or on a picnic with this earthy, aromatic and sweet strain. If you like smoking on floral strains, Lilac Diesel is the one for you.

It provides a relaxing sensation of relief and calm, perfect for curling up with a good book or laying low. Play cards, read a book, or just sit and meditate with the blissful effects of this sativa hybrid.

Super Lemon Haze 

Perfect for both relaxing in the sun or adventuring on a hike, Super Lemon Haze is a pleasant, sativa-dominant hybrid that can elevate any fall occasion. 

Loaded with hints of musky orange and sour citrus, Super Lemon Haze. is a flavorful strain with euphoric effects. It’s often suggested for creative pursuits, so if you have anything you’re working on this fall, this strain may be the perfect accompaniment. 

Blue Dream

As the name suggests, Blue Dream is the perfect strain for getting outside but taking it easy at the same time. Unlike our suggestions so far, this is less of a “hiking” strain, and more of a “relaxing and chatting with friends” one. 

This fast-acting sativa delivers a clear headed and mind opening experience, perfect for biking, hiking, you name it. Crossed between Golden Goat and Daybreaker, Arise will have you ready for anything under the sun or rain. Except sleep, that is. Expect plenty of energy from this funky strain.

Hazelnut Cream

Effects of Hazelnut Cream are known to be uplifting, often leaving patients happy, giggling, and in a grounded state of mild euphoria. True to her name when it comes to smell, this cultivar reeks of fresh Hazelnut and cream, reminiscent of a spiced chai latte. Beloved for its rich and sweet flavor, accompanied by an explorative and positive state of mind. 

Take it on a hike or foraging day and let focused high turn any activity into a fun adventure. If you like notes of earthy, nutty and pine, you won’t be disappointed by the flavor and aroma of this strain. 


Looking for a relaxing, uplifting strain that won’t get you high? Maybe you don’t like being high in public, or perhaps you want to drive to nature and safely take yourself home. Whatever the case, there are options for you.

Try Cannatonic, a CBD-dominant strain with less than 1% THC. While not intoxicating, this strain will still provide a sense of calm and relaxation, perfect for any fall time activity. You don’t have to worry about getting too high while out and about, as it will only mildly provide relief and relaxation without anything else. 

Best fall time weed activities 

The above strains are perfect for being out on hiking and foraging adventures and enjoying the fall. Need inspiration?

Take a long nature walk or hike. Alone or with friends, few things compare to the satisfaction of spending time in the great outdoors with the best companion: weed. 

Or hit the trails, where you can pack a picnic and spend the whole day in the great outdoors. The addition of cannabis is sure to spike your appetite, so come prepared with plenty of snacks. 

Have a yard? Lay down a blanket, grab a book, magazine, or even headphones with music and lay back and relax. Of course, don’t forget to have a joint in hand to take it to the next level. 

And while we are certainly pro-weed in the fall, be sure to use your best judgment. Remember that cannabis is not permitted for use in public, nor is it ever safe to operate a car or machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Don’t forget that you can always smoke a CBD joint if you want to keep your wits about you. 

Ready to get your fall time clothes on and spark up some new adventures? First, you’ll need to stock up. Whether you’re lounging in the backyard or going on a big hike, we’ve got you covered.

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