Beginner’s Guide to Bongs, Joints, and Dabs

Beginner’s Guide to Bongs, Joints, and Dabs

Whether you’re new to cannabis or interested in switching consumption methods, learning a new way to get high can sometimes be intimidating. How do you hit a bong? How do you roll a joint? And the seemingly most intimidating of all – how do you take a dab? Don’t worry. Your Fitchburg dispensary team is here to demystify these techniques. 

How to use a bong 

Beginner’s Guide to Bongs, Joints, and Dabs

Let’s start with a super common consumption method: bongs. While there are tons of variations, including glass, silicone, and ceramic bongs, alongside a wide range of sizes and designs, all bongs utilize the same functions. 

Bongs all follow the same basic design: there’s a mouthpiece, smoke chamber, bowl, carb (sometimes), and downstem. As the name suggests, the mouthpiece is where you place your mouth to inhale the smoke. You’ll want to purse your lips and gently place them inside the mouthpiece, not around it. The chamber is where the smoke that is ready for inhalation sits. The bowl holds your weed and connects to the downstem, which connects to the water inside of the bong. Carbs aren’t always present, but when they are, you’ll notice them as a hole on the side of the bong, above water. Users cover it while lighting the weed, and then uncover it when it’s time to inhale. 

Ok, so now you know what components make up a bong. But we haven’t touched on the best part yet: how to hit a bong. 

Before you take a bong hit, you’ll need to fill the device with water. Pour it directly into the mouthpiece no more than an inch above the tip of the downstem. You don’t want your water to touch the downstem, as this is how you get splashed. 

Once you have filled your bong, you can load the bowl with weed. Pick it up with your non-dominant hand hold it up to your mouth, where you will place your lips inside the mouthpiece as mentioned above. Now, take your dominant hand and carefully light the weed. Begin to slowly inhale. At first, there won’t be any smoke, but the chamber will quickly begin to fill after a moment of inhaling. 

Now you’ll want to make sure that you don’t allow too much smoke to fill the chamber for your first hit, or you will find yourself in a serious coughing fit. Allow it to fill about halfway before you stop lighting the weed. At this point, you’ll want to stop inhaling, but keep your mouth in place. Carefully pull the bowl out from the downstem and deeply inhale the smoke. 

Now if you find yourself in a position where you can’t clear out all the smoke, simply cover the mouthpiece with your hand to stop it from escaping. Pass to a friend or wait until you are ready to take a second hit. 

And there you have it! You successfully smoked out of a bong. If it didn’t go too smoothly, don’t worry. It’s a skill that you will develop over time. Coughing is normal, and so are general struggles with the process. Once you’re over the learning curve, you’ll be glad you learned how to smoke a bong, as it’s an amazing way to get high.

How to roll a joint

Beginner’s Guide to Bongs, Joints, and Dabs

Sure, smoking a bong comes with a bit of a learning curve, but for many, it’s nothing like learning how to roll a joint. This skill is great to have, but it can take some fine-tuning until you’re an expert joint roller. Once you’ve got the basics down, though, you’re on your way to joint-rolling stardom. 

Ready to impress your fellow stoners? Here’s how to roll a joint with paper like a pro. 

First, grind your weed into an even, consistent texture. You don’t want any big lumps or chunks of weed that stick out from the rest because it will make rolling the joint more difficult and uneven. Seriously. Even if you don’t have a grinder, you still want to grind down your weed. We teach you how to grind weed without a grinder in a previous blog. 

Your joint should have a filter. If you don’t have filter tips, just make a paper crutch. Business cards or any thick cardstock will work. Do a few accordion folds and roll it into a crutch. 

Place the crutch on one end of the rolling paper and fill the rest of the paper with your dried weed. You can hold it up and do this, or lay it flat on a table for more precision. Once you’ve loaded your desired amount, it’s time to roll. 

Hold the two sides of the rolling paper together, pinching the weed inside. Roll your fingers back and forth continuously until you develop a cone-like shape. Carefully tuck the non-sticky/glue side of the paper into the roll and lick the sticky side before pressing it shut. 

Now fill the open end with any leftover weed. You may want to use a shoelace or other thin object to pack the joint tight. Gently twist it shut and now it’s time to light up! 

How to take a dab

Beginner’s Guide to Bongs, Joints, and Dabs

A typical dab setup comes with a dab rig (the body), a nail, a carb cap, and a dabber tool, alongside a torch used to heat the nail. Dab rigs look a lot like bongs, but they have some key differences – especially in their use. 

To take a dab, you’ll want to start by dosing out your concentrates on your dabber tool. If you’re new to dabbing, by all means, start small. A tiny dollop will do, because concentrates are extremely potent. 

Once you’ve prepared your dab on your dab tool, it’s time for the best part. Start by lighting the torch and aiming it directly at the bottom of the nail. Wait until it begins to appear red or otherwise indicates that it is HOT. 

Allow the nail to cool for about 45 seconds before you do anything else. If you move too fast, you may scorch your dab and make it a much less fun experience. When it has cooled off for a short moment, apply the prepared dab to the nail with the dabber tool. Slowly inhale from the mouthpiece, and rotate the tool if you notice any extracts have not been heated. 

When dabbing, you always want to use the carb cap to regulate airflow. Alternate between covering and uncovering the nail as you inhale. When you’ve taken an ample hit, exhale and assess how you’re feeling. Wait a few before you take another dab, as it 

is a very potent way to get high and you don’t want to overdo it. 

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