Can Weed Help You Study?

Can Weed Help You Study?

It’s not uncommon to hear a senior college student ask, “can weed help you study?” Whether they’re trying to justify a pre-study bong session or are genuinely curious about the cerebral effect of cannabis, the question remains. 

If you’re a 21 or older student at Fitchburg State or surrounding schools, you are probably all too familiar with late nights spent studying and wishing you were somewhere else, maybe with a joint in hand. Our staff at the Healing Center dispensary know just what it’s like to study with a joint in hand, so let’s dive in and see if that joint could be an asset next time you need to study for a big test. 

Using weed for brain power 

Here’s the thing: cannabis comes in so many shapes and sizes these days. If weed makes you fall asleep on your living room couch with the TV blaring and chips in your lap, you probably should avoid it at all costs if you need to study for a big test. It’s likely that this scenario is the result of a large bong rip or another casual weed session, though. What if you changed things up?

Microdosing weed is an increasingly popular method of getting the positive effects of cannabis without any unwanted experiences. There are also high CBD, low THC products that may help users achieve mental clarity, among many other products that could help. 

The key to smoking weed and studying is to figure out what works for you. And if you’re also a recreational weed user, you should find a routine for studying that is different than your routine for using weed just for fun. After all, if you hit the bong before you crash on the couch and do the same thing before studying, you might just be tempted to always choose to crash on the couch. 

Your brain on weed 

So…can weed help you study? There is not enough research on the specific topic to definitively say yes or no. But we do have plenty of anecdotal evidence from students and others using weed to help them focus and achieve their goals. 

Wait, but what about that saying that weed kills brain cells? That can’t be good for studying. The truth is, we don’t really know for sure what long-term cannabis use can do to the brain. Some studies have found changes in brain structure and functions of regular cannabis users, whereas other preliminary studies have suggested low doses of THC may help reverse age-related cognition problems. Age, biology, frequency of use, potency, products used, and so many other factors may come into play, and we just don’t have enough research to say one way or another yet. 

Additionally, more research is showing that cannabinoids are neuroprotective, which means they can protect nerve cells against damage. In fact, the neuroprotective properties are the reason cannabis is a suggested tool for managing Parkinson’s disease. 

What we’re getting at is that we can’t say whether or not smoking weed and studying is good or bad for the brain. It’s probably somewhere in the middle, but we need more research to back that up. For now, we suggest you use your best judgment and do what feels right to you. 

How students use weed to help study 

As we mentioned earlier, when smoking weed and studying, it’s a good idea to have your study session deviate from your regular fun weed session. Your brain should separate the two activities.

Some students have great experiences simply smoking or consuming less weed than usual to give them a mental boost. This can mean taking one hit instead of your regular 3-4, or eating ½ the edible dose you’d normally go for. 

Another common tactic is to utilize the power of CBD. You can opt for a product with more CBD than THC to maximize your experience. CBD can help protect against anxiety or paranoia you may normally experience when using cannabis, too.  

For example, this high CBD, low THC pre-roll from our Fitchburg dispensary may work as a great study tool. It is an evenly balanced hybrid, with much more CBD than THC. It provides a mellow high with a slight boost in energy. The experience is cerebral and relaxing but does not weigh the user down. 

Small edible doses or CBD-rich edibles can also work well for studying. However, they can be more challenging to utilize since they can take up to two hours to take effect. This also makes it difficult to control your dose. 

We suggest using a tincture if you don’t want to smoke or vape weed for studying. When taken sublingually, meaning you allow the tincture to absorb under your tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing, effects can come on quickly. 

We have a variety of tinctures available at our Fitchburg pot shop. For studying, we’d recommend an Achieve tincture. This is a sativa blend that is formulated to energize and help you work. 

Most students and people using cannabis for productivity tend to reach for a sativa or sativa-leaning hybrid. These strains are more energizing and cerebral, in contrast to the sleepy, relaxing effects of indica strains. 

Don’t overdo it 

So, can weed help you study? You may be used to using weed to get super high and that fuzzy brain feeling, but that’s not all the plant is capable of doing. Small doses, CBD-rich products, and other options can help you keep a clear head while studying. 

It’s easy to accidentally overdo it and have to postpone your study session. This may be okay once in a while, but if it becomes a habit, you may end up inhibiting your success with cannabis. Be mindful of your consumption. 

Smoking weed and studying? A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have a clear head when studying. If you stick to the suggestions we offered, cannabis may help to clear your mind a bit and improve your focus. The goal is to use cannabis as a tool for your brain, not to make it incapable of processing or remembering information. 

This may take a bit of trial and error. It’s why we always suggest starting low and going slow until you’ve figured out what works best for you.

3 Study-Friendly Cannabis products at The Healing Center

Hitting the books? Smoking weed and studying? We rounded up some of our staff study favorites for you to check out! Available at our Fitchburg dispensary.

Sunrise Surfer Sativa Blend Mini’s

Rise, shine and stay motivated & bright with this sativa-forward blend. Sativa strains are generally believed to be uplifting and energizing, with more cerebral effects than physical. Most people will experience an elevated mood, with a boost of creative and social energy. Specific results will vary by person, strain and product.

Seattle Soda pre-roll by Cultivate

Lilac Diesel is a special hybrid cross of (Super Lemon Haze x Forbidden Fruit) x (NYC Diesel x Cherry Pie) x (Citral Glue x Chem Dawg x I95). Named for its purple hue and classic petrol flavor, Lilac Diesel is one bud that’s perfect for any classic Sativa lover. Taste: Black fruit & lilac, accented by subtle notes of citrus and pine. Aroma: Petrol & ripe berry with a spiced finish.

Lemon Lime Celebrate Seltzer

Ah nothing as refreshing as a Each can contains approximately 5mg of THC from a full-spectrum extract. Relax and Focus Social and Upbeat Keep smiles coming with the LEVIA Celebrate hybrid blend in refreshing sparkling lemon-lime.

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