Cannabis gift guide: Give the gift of weed this Valentine’s day

If you have a special someone in your life who loves cannabis, show you care with the gift of weed. While a bouquet of their favorite nugs can be a cute option, access to legal weed in Massachusetts provides more opportunities for specialized cannabis gifts. From intimate topical products to decadent sweet treats, our cannabis gift guide is here to help you give a special gift of weed to your boo. Finding yourself searching, “valentine’s day gifts for stoner boyfriend.” ? We got you!

Smokeable cannabis gifts for Valentine’s 

We’ll start with the classics: flower-based cannabis products. If your special someone is a regular smoker, they may appreciate a simple eighth of their favorite flower. But why not take it to the next level and get them something they might not normally splurge for themselves? 

Here are our picks:

Ace Weidman’s Cookies & Creams Blunt 

The Cookies & Cream blunt by Rev Clinics is the perfect elevated product for celebrating Valentine’s day. It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Starfighter that produces a smooth and sweet smoke. Expect to feel long-lasting, relaxing, and euphoric effects – perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a good movie and cuddle buddy. 

The blunts are slow-burning and wrapped in a green tea leaf and sure to spark a delightful time. 

NETA Hybrid Blend Wax-Infused Pre-roll

Any regular smoker’s eyes would light up at the sight of an infused pre-roll. These products are simply regular joints with the addition of a cannabis extract to make it more flavorful and aromatic as well as more potent. It’s a great gift to share with a special someone before a walk through nature, a special dinner, or a movie night. 

Edible Valentine’s day gifts 

The key to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, right? Giving the gift of cannabis edibles is the perfect way to show you care and invite a fun time. 

I Am Edible Haze Truffles

Forget the box of assorted chocolates – you’ve got everything you need with our selection of edibles. These Haze Truffles by I Am Edible are just the right combination of rich and creamy, with a strong shell that offers a satisfying bite into nutty chocolate goodness. 

Each truffle contains about 5 mg of THC, making it easy to keep your dose low but also allowing the seasoned stoners to eat a few extra without worry. 

Any chocolate lover would be delighted to receive these tasty truffles throughout the year, but Valentine’s day is especially appropriate. 

Betty’s Eddies Orange You Beautiful Fruit Chews 

Don’t know how to tell that special someone how you feel? Why not gift them an “Orange You Beautiful” and let the fruit chews do the talking? We’re not really suggesting that…we think you should always say how you feel. But you can certainly take it to the next level with a fruit chew to back up the sentiment. 

These sweet and tangy fruit chews offer a precision-dosed serving of full spectrum cannabis oil. Plus, they’re vegan and gluten free! Show you care and pay attention to your boo’s dietary restrictions with these cannabis fruit chews. 

Cannabis concentrate gifts 

If your special someone likes to dab or otherwise use extracts, you better be getting them some cannabis concentrates for Valentine’s day. Here are our top picks:

Origyn Wedding Cake wax

Wedding Cake doesn’t necessarily have to allude to weddings, so don’t fear you’ll scare someone off if you give them the gift of wedding cake wax. After all, it’s a flavorful, enticing blend of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. You can’t go wrong. 

The effects of this wax are delightful and extremely potent, so be prepared. Expect strong mental and physical relaxation after you inhale the sweet taste of cookies and the tartness of cherry pie. 

Bootylicious Live Sugar 

It’s Valentine’s day. Of course you should be gifting Bootylicious to your special boo. This potent blend between Constantine and Cookies & Cream is sure to elevate whatever you end up doing to celebrate. 

The live sugar provides a warm, enjoyable high that is both relaxing and euphoric.

Make a weed bouquet 

While all of our cannabis gift ideas for Valentine’s are centered on specific products at our Fitchburg weed store, we can’t leave out a classic: the weed bouquet. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Wire
  • Tape
  • Leaves gathered from outside or from the craft store
  • Large nugs
  • Decorative wrap or tissue paper
  • Ribbon


  1. Wrap the wire around each nug to securely attach it. If you have say, 4-5 large nugs, you’ll want 4-5 sticks of wire so each can pop out on its own. Intertwine the bottom of the wire to keep the nugs together as a bouquet. 
  1. Tape leaves near the top of the bouquet, below the nugs but not too far down the stem. Carefully tape them around the upper half of your contraption to cover the wire and make it look more natural. 
  1. Place your bouquet of weed roses on a piece of decorative wrap or tissue paper. Roll it up so it is carefully wrapped inside and only the leaves and nugs are popping out of the paper or wrap. 
  1. Tie the bottom of the bouquet and present it to your special someone! 

Final thoughts 

We hope our gift guide has helped inspire you to give the gift of quality cannabis to the people you care about most. From delicious edibles to dank concentrates, there’s something for everyone to celebrate the holiday at our Fitchburg dispensary. 

Just remember to gauge everyone’s tolerance level before diving into a potent edible or taking a dab of some strong extracts. There’s nothing better than getting just the right amount of high with your special someone.

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