Cannabis Jobs Massachusetts Has to Offer 

Cannabis Jobs Massachusetts Has to Offer

Since Massachusetts voters approved recreational cannabis in the state back in 2016, many people have wondered how they can find a place in the industry. After all, cannabis is thriving in Massachusetts and the job market is continuing to grow. In fact, the state now has more legal cannabis workers than hairstylists and cosmetologists! We’ve rounded up the best cannabis jobs Massachusetts has to offer so you can get started on your dream job. 

Types of Massachusetts cannabis jobs

There are many different types of cannabis jobs in Massachusetts. The industry is large and diverse, meaning you’re likely to find the right fit somewhere. Maybe you’re interested in a customer-facing job, like those who work at our Fitchburg dispensary. Or perhaps you do better on the marketing side, where brands rely on experts to help grow their business while remaining compliant with state and federal laws. On the other hand, you might shine in hands-on positions working directly with the plant.

Let’s take a closer look at the options. 

Hands-on cannabis jobs 

Many cannabis jobs will have you working directly with the plant. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the industry and quickly learn the ins and outs of the cannabis plant. Not all hands-on jobs are the same, though. 

Cannabis trimmer

Cannabis Jobs Massachusetts Has to Offer

Looking to work directly with the plant? Not afraid of a little manual labor? If you answered yes to both, then cannabis trimming may be the perfect job for you. 

While positions range from company to company, trimmers are often entry-level employees working with weed for the first time. Whether you just love the plant or you want to gain a broader understanding of the industry as a whole, cannabis trimming is a great way to dive in headfirst, learn, and gain valuable experience for future positions. 

Trimmers are responsible for harvesting marijuana plants by cutting flowers from the stems. Additionally, you may be tasked with weighing, labeling, and packaging the trimmed product. Various cultivation tasks may be included as well, under careful supervision. 

Each facility may have its own requirements, but you can expect to need at least a high school diploma to be considered. It’s also important that employees can work precisely and maintain an organized environment. The ability to collaborate with other staff members, keep careful records, and follow rules for compliance is also a must. 

Additionally, trimmers must be over 21. Expect to need availability during weekends as well, since trimming schedules work around other production activities.

To find your dream trimming job, just search for “Massachusetts cannabis trimming jobs” and carefully read the requirements for open positions. 

Other cannabis cultivation jobs

We focused on cannabis trimming because it is the most common entry-level position for a canna-curious worker. Trimming is a great way to see if hands-on work in the industry is a good fit for you. 

There are other cultivation-related jobs, too, though. These typically are only offered after you’ve worked in trimming or other hands-on positions relating to weed. 

Other positions include Master Grower and Cultivation Director. The Master Grower is typically responsible for ensuring the overall success of the grow. They manage growth operations, including nutrition and pest control. They also communicate directly with compliance inspectors, law enforcement, or any other organization. These roles are often filled by experts with backgrounds in botany or horticulture. 

Cultivation Directors typically spend more time in compliance. They ensure that production is in line with both state and federal laws, as well as create standard operating procedures, harvesting schedules, and other necessities. Commercial greenhouse experience is a common background for many Cultivation Directors. 

Cannabis Oil Extraction jobs 

The growing cannabis industry has led to many jobs outside of working with just the plant. There are even more science and chemistry-based jobs that are still hands-on, just with a twist. 

Working in a cannabis lab can be extremely rewarding. It’s up to your team to make sure the cannabis is free from contaminants and potent. Many positions exist, including Lab Director, Quality Manager, and more. 

If you’re comfortable working with machines, lab equipment, and ovens, you may be the perfect fit for an extraction-related job. Positions typically require a scientific background, but there may also be room for growth as an entry-level lab assistant or similar position. 

Retail cannabis jobs 

Once cannabis has been harvested and processed, it’s ready to be sold to the public at various Massachusetts dispensaries. That’s where retail cannabis positions become important. Our Fitchburg pot shop relies on this type of staff to keep everything running smoothly. 


Like trimming, budtending is often the first position a canna-curious employee takes on. Budtender positions may require some background experience, but they are often open to enthusiastic, passionate applicants looking to get a start in the industry. 

Budtenders are responsible for the sale of all products in any Massachusetts cannabis store. They must also be ready and willing to answer customer questions and provide advice without breaching compliance. 

Anyone with sales and customer service experience is a great contender for the position. Additional knowledge about cannabis or a willingness to learn is also a plus. 

Other dispensary positions 

Once again, like trimming, budtending is often the first position a new employee will be offered without background experience. Once you’ve proven your skills as a budtender, you may eventually move on to another in-store position. 

These include General Manager, Inventory Manager, Marketing Manager, and other positions. These roles require great leadership skills and an ability to juggle many tasks at once. 

Endless positions available 

Cannabis Jobs Massachusetts Has to Offer

The cannabis industry has certainly grown over the years in Massachusetts. While it continues to grow and become more competitive in nature, there is no shortage of cannabis jobs available. 

If you are entirely new to the industry, an entry-level position such as a trimmer or budtender can give you a better idea of what you like and dislike about cannabis jobs. You may find that you want to switch areas of expertise or you may find that you want to stick with it and work your way to a different position in the industry. 

There are many other cannabis industry positions we didn’t mention here. For example, you could be an edibles chef, a packager, or so many other options. Do your research and see which kinds of jobs align with your lifestyle and goals. 

Think you’d fit in at our Fitchburg dispensary? Be sure to check our Jobs page frequently to see when we are looking for friendly faces to help out. Your dream job may start with The Healing Center! 

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