Discreet Ways to Get High for the Holidays

We’re all adults here. Our Fitchburg dispensary only serves those 21 and older. And while we know that cannabis use is a personal, legal choice for us, we also know that there are often others, namely family members, who may disagree with our choices. It’s why we sometimes need to figure out discreet ways to get high for the holidays. 

Considering nearly half of American adults have reported trying marijuana, there’s no doubt that the stigma once attached to this plant is changing. Back when Americans were surveyed over 50 years ago, only 4% of adults admitted to marijuana use. While we have a hunch that both of the numbers may be higher than reported, we can very clearly see an upward trend regardless. 

Despite growing support for cannabis use around the world, you may have opposers sitting across the table from you. Whatever their reason for objecting to the plant, it may be easier to just not discuss your habits with these people. That doesn’t mean you have to take a break when the holidays roll around, though. 

Read on for some ideas to discreetly celebrate some high holidays. 

First step: cover the smell 

The classic “taking a walk before dinner” may be the perfect way for you to get high with some fresh air before sitting down at the family table. This works for some people, but more discerning relatives may know exactly what you’re up to, especially if you come back with an especially big case of the munchies or your aunt catches a dank whiff as you walk by. 

Of course, if you opt to smoke, take it outside. Even if you go all the way across grandma’s house to smoke in the least-trafficked part of the house, the smell will permeate and give you away. The least you can do is go outside with fresh air that can carry away most of the smell. 

If you still want to go the inhalation route, vaping is much more discreet than smoking. Our Fitchburg pot shop has plenty of vaporizers to choose from and our staff is more than happy to help you find the perfect vape for your needs. 

While vaping cannabis still creates a smell, it is much milder and does not permeate like smoke. Because vaping does not create combustion, there is never a scent of burning associated with vapes.

You’ll still want to step outside or go into another room when you vape, because the initial smell can be strong. Since it’s just vapor produced, the aroma fades nearly immediately, meaning a room can be clear of vape smell within minutes of your last puff. For this reason, many people opt to vape whenever they need a discreet option. 

There are other discreet ways to get high that don’t involve smoke or vapor, though. These methods are fool-proof because they don’t produce any smell or dead giveaways. 

Infused beverages, edibles, and tinctures are all odorless ways to get high around family. With beverages and edibles, effects can come on anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours after consumption. You’ll want to start low and go slow if you go this route, because beverages and edibles are notorious for creeping up on users and hitting them unexpectedly. 

Tinctures are a little different. You can swallow them and expect to feel the effects in the same timeframe as edibles, or you can leave the tincture under your tongue for 90 seconds and get faster effects. This is a good way to be more conscious of your intake and will allow you to adjust how high you get in a quick manner.  

Second step: clear your eyes 

Some people think that cannabis users only get red eyes if they smoke. This is not true. The red eye effect can occur from any sort of consumption and thus should be covered up if you want to remain unnoticed. 

Luckily, eye drops are all you need to clear out the redness that can occur from getting high. Drop some in each eye after you feel yourself get high and you should be good to go. 

If you smoked, you’ll want to make sure you wash your hands and brush your teeth or pop a mint, too. Change your clothes or wear a covering when you smoke, as well. 

Keep your cool 

This can be the most stressful part. If you aren’t used to being high around your family, consider if Thanksgiving or other special holidays are really the right time to try it out. 

If you’re a seasoned stoner, it may be no big deal to get high and sit down with your family. In fact, they might have come to expect your high behavior as another part of your personality. 

But if you’re someone who tends to psych yourself out when high, be careful about getting high for the holidays with your family. Remember that you are an adult and that your choice to use cannabis is personal. Families can have complicated dynamics, but remember that you are in charge of your personal decisions as a legal, adult-use cannabis user. 

If you find yourself regretting how high you get before family time, take a moment to do some breathing exercises and ground yourself back in your body. You can also take some CBD if you have it on hand, as this can help mediate some of the negative effects of THC. 

Here’s where you really need to keep your cool: mealtime. If weed gives you a big case of the munchies, ravenously tearing about your plate may hint to everyone that you just blazed before dinner. As hard as it may be, take your time and chew your food. 

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