Get Out of Town With These 420 Friendly Airbnb’s in Massachusetts

Get Out of Town With These 420 Friendly AirBnBs in Massachusetts

Looking to take a trip outside of Fitchburg? Or maybe you’re passing through and want to stay somewhere nearby. Don’t let fear of not being able to smoke weed hold you back. While public consumption is not allowed in Massachusetts, private consumption is a different story. If you are staying at a 420-friendly AirBnB, you can smoke to your heart’s delight on your vacation. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re truly at a 420 friendly AirBnB in Massachusetts, otherwise, you may find yourself kicked out or left with a bad review. 

We’ve done the looking for you and found some great places to stay that allow cannabis on the premises. Take a look, book your vacation, and light one up!

Pittsfield – Sharon’s Place (4 and 5)

420 Friendly!!!!!! That’s how the listing for Sharon’s Place 4 and 5 in Pittsfield begins. They want you to know that you are free to enjoy some weed at this AirBnB. While this host offers several rooms, only 4 and 5 are listed as 420-friendly, so we advise you to only book the ones that explicitly say cannabis is permitted. 

But it’s not just the 420-friendliness that entices guests. It’s the whole experience. The hosts offer a 420 Treasure Hunt in the Berkshires, as well as indoor horseback riding lessons. Even more exciting for the Massachusetts stoners is the Xbox available for guests to use. 

Read the reviews, check out the location, and see if Sharon’s Place is where your next stay will be!

Holden – Private 4/20 Guest Room, Kitchenette, Office, & BR

Looking for a quiet getaway? This AirBnB in Holden is a great option. It comes with a private downstairs area with a large bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchenette to prepare your favorite munchies. It also features a beautiful view of a peaceful pond outside the window. The room has wifi, plenty of TV channels, and an Apple TV. 

It’s a great place to stay for someone passing through on business, as there is a cozy workspace, a coffee maker, and even a washer and dryer. Enjoy the pretty view of the pond outside, light one up, and enjoy your stay. 

Charlemont – Melody’s Place 

Want to smoke weed at a Victorian home with a garden and mountain view? Melody’s Place has you covered. This AirBnB offers beautiful views, a bathtub, a private patio or balcony, and is also 420-friendly. There’s even public and private beach access! This place has wonderful reviews and even comes with a guidebook for all things Charlemont. There are multiple private rooms to stay in, so look through each listing and see what fits your needs best. Plan ahead though, as this place appears to book out fast. 

Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn Cosmic Garden

Leaving the state to visit New York? You’ll want to check out the 4/20 friendly Brooklyn Cosmic Garden. This listing openly welcomes guests to smoke weed inside – and trust us, you’ll want to. Cosmic lighting, art pieces, board games, and even a hookah make up the interior of this awesome location. Each room is equipped with skylights and an Alexa so you can play whatever you like, and you can use any of the host’s several streaming services. The space also comes with a shared rooftop for great views of the city.

Although you may be tempted to stock up at our Fitchburg dispensary and make your way to New York, remember that it is illegal to cross state lines with cannabis. What you buy in Massachusetts must stay in Massachusetts. 

Can I smoke weed at Massachusetts hotels?

There are plenty of hotels in Massachusetts that offer smoking rooms and private balconies. While these rooms are dedicated for people to smoke in, that doesn’t always include marijuana. You’ll want to check the rules for any hotel you consider staying in, as many specifically prohibit marijuana use. 

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Whether you’re passing through the area on a trip or live in Fitchburg, a Boston Cannabis Tour should be on your agenda if you’re interested in the world of weed. 

The cannacurious tourist can enjoy trips to local dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and restaurants on these tours. You can do a group or private tour depending on if you want to meet other like-minded individuals. The company claims that their private tours are big hits for bachelor parties, so gather up your pals and hit the town. 

Tips for cannabis travel 

As we mentioned before, it’s illegal to cross state lines with cannabis. Don’t get in trouble because you want to bring your favorite strain to a neighboring state. 

Massachusetts has a lot of cannabis-friendly options for traveling, like the 420 friendly AirBnBs we highlighted in this blog. While we picked ones that are exclusively listed as 4/20-friendly, there are certainly more out there. If you find a place that says smoking is allowed, it’s worth sending a message to the host to see if that also includes cannabis. It’s a nice courtesy to check in with the host rather than just show up and assume you can smoke weed on their property. 

Remember that public consumption is not allowed either. Just because you are staying at a 4/20-friendly place does not mean you can walk down to the public beach and light up. 

Stock up at our Fitchburg pot shop 

If you’re not leaving the state, be sure to stop by The Healing Center before you take a 4/20 vacation. We’ve got you covered for all things weed. 

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