How to roll a blunt like a pro

how to roll a blunt like a pro

No one is going to judge you if you can’t roll a blunt. It’s a special skill for master cannabis users. But if you can roll one, you’ve got a great talent to show off for life. Once you understand the basics, it’s like riding a bike, and you can do it again and again even years after your last roll. So let’s dive in on how to roll a blunt like a pro. 

But first…

What is a blunt?

Though the definition is shifting over time as more herbal alternatives come out, a classic blunt is a cigar that has been emptied of its tobacco shreds and filled with ground weed. It’s wrapped in the tobacco-leaf paper used for the cigar, but some have swapped this for tobacco-free alternatives. 

For some, blunts are a daily occurrence. Others bust them out at special occasions. And then there are some who won’t smoke blunts at all, usually because they still contain tobacco in the paper and may be too harsh for the lungs. 

There are certainly some valid reasons to avoid blunts. But on the other hand, there are some solid reasons weed lovers might roll one up and smoke. The addition of tobacco creates the combination of a nicotine and weed buzz, which can be extra stimulating. And then there’s the way it burns. Blunts go slower, last a lot longer when passed among friends, and tend to get people more high than a standard joint. This can be attributed to the sheer amount of weed that goes into one. 

Blunts tend to smell nice and provide a unique flavor, as well. It’s why many people like to light them up for special occasions. 

How to roll a blunt 

Before you set out to roll a blunt, you’ll need to pick up some supplies. Stop by our Fitchburg pot shop for the weed and a convenience store for swishers, black and milds, or any other cigarillo you can find. It’s also worth asking if the store has simple blunt wraps you can purchase.  You’ll of course want a grinder as well. 

Once you’ve gathered all of the blunt-making supplies, it’s time to get rolling. Blunts will undoubtedly use more weed than a joint or bowl, so expect to dedicate at least a gram or two to your blunt. If you have a large group or a particularly big blunt wrapper, you may need to add more weed to keep it packed. 

How to roll a blunt, step by step:

how to roll a blunt like a pro
  1. Grind up the weed and set it aside. 
  2. If you don’t have an empty blunt wrap, it’s time to empty your cigarillo. Either use a razor blade or scissors to slice it open lengthwise, or carefully pull it open with your fingers, being careful not to rip any parts. 
  3. Dump out the tobacco from the middle and discard. 
  4. Now you need to dampen the wrapper. This is super easy to do by licking the wrap a few times. But if you have friends you’re sharing with, do them a favor and just wet your fingers and wipe them over the wrapper. You don’t want it to be wet, but you certainly want it to be moistened to help with malleability. 
  5. Similar to how you would fill a joint, add your ground cannabis to the empty wrapper. 
  6. It’s time to roll. Take a deep breath. Now, gently shape the weed to evenly sit in the middle of the wrapper. Tuck the wrap under itself, and lick or dampen the exposed remaining end with some water. Carefully shut the blunt, sealing all of the weed inside and smoothing out any wrinkles with your fingers. 
  7. Use the flame from a lighter to heat up the seam, sealing it closed with the heat. Do not get close enough to create a flame. Doing this will help the blunt seal and stay shut. 
  8. Smoke it up!

And there you have it! You’ve just rolled a blunt. Now all you have to do is pass it around, or enjoy the big thing for yourself. 

Blunt wrap alternatives 

Though tobacco paper is the most common way to roll a blunt, many people opt for alternatives that are free from tobacco. You can still enjoy the fun of passing a big blunt around without any nicotine, thanks to the innovation of some brands. 

The most popular alternative is probably the hemp wrapper, which is a thick paper that resembles the outer shell of a cigarillo. A benefit of using this paper is you don’t have to empty anything out, and can get straight to rolling. 

Do blunts get you higher?

how to roll a blunt like a pro

Many people claim that smoking blunts gets them higher than other methods of consumption. But there’s a pretty simple explanation for this: they’re smoking more. Blunts tend to be stuffed full, containing much more than a simple joint or bong session. 

There’s also the tobacco aspect, if you’re using a cigarillo, that can contribute to the added high. Nicotine causes a quick buzz of pleasure and energy when smoked, though it fades much faster than the high from cannabis. As such, users may feel like they are way higher when they first puff a blunt, because they are getting a buzz from two substances. 

Ready to roll a blunt like a pro? Stop by The Healing Center!

Now that you know how to expertly roll a blunt, you can show off to your friends or just make yourself a special treat for a night in watching TV. Of course, you’ll need some weed first. And that’s where we come in! Our Fitchburg dispensary is here to help you with all of your weed needs. 

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