Last Minute Father’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

So, you just realized Father’s Day is this weekend and you are still empty handed. Don’t worry, though. If your dad is a weed lover, there are some really great gifts at our Fitchburg pot shop just waiting to make your dad’s day. And even if your dad isn’t a big cannabis lover, you can always give him the gift of therapeutic CBD or topical products to enhance his life in another way. Whatever the case, if you come into The Healing Center, you’ll leave with some awesome last minute Father’s Day gifts. 

We’ve rounded up some in-store items we know will make for an amazing Father’s Day. Feel free to stop into our Fitchburg weed store to talk with one of our awesome budtenders for more inspiration, as well.

Let’s get into it!

For the smoker dad 

If your dad is a full time stoner, you can’t go wrong with the gift of straight up weed. And lucky for your dad, we’ve got the best prerolls in town. 

Get a Boomstick by Sira Naturals preroll if your dad likes to get as high as he can without holding back. Available in both sativa and indica varieties, the Boomstick is loaded with full spectrum wax and guaranteed to help your dad land in another dimension, if only for an hour or two. 

Southie Adams blunts are great for dads who like to get really high and perhaps have a fondness for the good old days smoking on a cigar. Wrapped in a palm leaf, these blunts look like the classic smoking stick, but are free of tobacco and perfect for a dad who no longer indulges (or never did) in the world of tobacco. 

Or just get your dad some really  good, top-shelf flower. If he takes his smoking seriously, the gift of dank nugs will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask one of our budtenders what the best of the best is, and your dad will thank you later. 

For the dad who loves beverages and edibles 

If your dad is among the many people swapping their alcohol intake for more weed, it might be nice to gift him some refreshing cannabis drinks. The crack of a cold beer after a long day can be hard to say goodbye to, but with the help of a crisp cannabis beverage, your dad might just stick to the weed.

Try Cantrip’s seltzers, which are low-dose and not meant for the stoner dad, but more so the father who just wants to relax and unwind after a long day, or beachside in the summer. With 3 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD, these are great for the one-and-done user or someone who has a higher tolerance and wants to enjoy a few drinks. 

If your dad likes to get high without anyone really noticing, try 1906 drops, which contain a balanced, low-dose blend of THC and CBD. Just like your dad might take his multivitamins each day, he can just pop a 1906 drop whenever the urge hits. With several options depending on preferred effects, there’s something for every dad. 

If your dad has a sweet tooth, give him the gift of Cloud Creamery infused ice cream. Sharing ice cream with his son or daughter on Father’s Day sounds like a beautiful way to connect on the holiday. Plus, there’s a large variety of flavors to suit any dads’ preferences. 

Tinctures and topicals for the stressed or in pain dads 

Does your dad struggle to relax or deal with chronic stress? An amazing gift this Father’s Day is the gift of a tincture. He can place a tiny drop into his morning coffee or oatmeal, or simply leave it under his tongue for quick relief. Tinctures are effective, health-conscious options for people wanting control over their experience. Just make sure he knows his tolerance level and the dosage instructions before using the tincture. 

If your dad suffers from chronic pain, he’s going to be especially happy to receive a cannabis topical this Father’s Day. Try the Nordic Goddess line of therapeutic topicals, including cooling balm, body balm, and a 1:1 CBD/THC salve stick. 

Accessories to help your dad get more from his weed

Many dads come from the old school days where they’d smoke mystery strains out of whatever device they could find. If your dad tends to keep his sessions simple, you can still gift him some awesome accessories to elevate his smoking experience. Even little things can make a big difference.

Get him a poker if he struggles to clear out the resin from his pieces, poke the flower down in his joints, or any other need for a little poking devices. These small but handy items can make a big difference in day to day smoking.

If your dad is always hauling joints around in the most ridiculous receptacles, it’s the right time to gift him a bamboo stash tube. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and a handy way to keep your joints safe and in-tact. 

Final thoughts 

Think about it. Has anyone ever disappointed you with the gift of weed? It’s a foolproof gift choice if you know you’re dealing with a weed lover. We hope this guide will help you find the perfect last-minute Father’s Day weed gift.

And if you are still wondering what the best thing to grab for your dad is, stop by and talk to one of our friendly budtenders. We’re running Father’s Day specials all weekend and we’re happy to help you get exactly what you need.

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