New to Town? Try These Fitchburg Activities!

New to Town? Try These Fitchburg Activities!

Our Fitchburg dispensary is conveniently located near many of the great sights and experiences this town has to offer. From the gorgeous views of the Nashua River and Wachusett Mountain to the vibrant campus life at Fitchburg State University, there’s a lot to take in. If you’re new to the area or just looking to spice up your routine, try these Fitchburg activities next time you’re bored. 

What to do in Fitchburg 

This beautiful city sits alongside the Nashua River. It’s known for its old mills, gorgeous views, and tight-knit neighborhoods. There’s a lot more to explore beyond the basics, though. Let’s jump in. 

Get outside at Coggshall Park 

New to Town? Try These Fitchburg Activities!
Coggshall Park in Spring, Fitchburg, Credit: Dorothy Miller P

Just a quick drive from our Fitchburg pot shop lies Coggshall Park, a large, 250-acre recreation area perfect for anyone seeking adventure. 

You don’t need a plan when you get to Coggshell Park. All you need is some free time to explore and find your happy place. There’s a gorgeous, small lake surrounded by a walking trail for a peaceful midday stroll or photo op. 

If you’re looking to escape city life, Coggshall Park is your oasis. You won’t even know you’re still in Fitchburg once you start exploring the terrain. There are many hiking trails throughout the 100 acres, with captivating rock formations and narrow creeks to admire. 

Nature lovers will appreciate the abundance of ducks and geese that spend their time at the park. You may also run into deer, swans, and other wildlife as you stroll through the park and take in the scenery. 

Check out the art 

Another great way to spend your time in this town is by checking out the art museums and galleries. The Fitchburg Art Museum is just a few minutes away (by car) from our dispensary in Fitchburg. 

Founded in 1925, the museum has been a longtime staple in the community. It features exhibitions from its own historical collections, alongside special loan exhibitions that focus on contemporary, regional art. 

Down the street from the art museum is the Boulder Art Gallery. This gallery features original art, vintage art, photography, prints, and sculptures. Their vintage art collection has various styles, subject matter, and mediums from a range of unique artists. Additionally, they showcase original artwork from both established local and regional artists as well as emerging figures. 

Make a day out of seeing some amazing art and Fitchburg history. The Fitchburg Art Museum even offers free admission to all visitors on the first Thursday of each month. 

Catch a movie at CinemaWorld 

What better way to kill some free time than by watching a film at the movie theater? CinemaWorld brings all the joys of the classic movie theater experience to town and it’s not far from our Fitchburg weed store. 

Plus, when you watch a movie at CinemaWorld, you’re supporting local business. There are numerous benefits to choosing local, including the cozy, at-home environment this theater provides. They even have plush leather highback rocker chairs that are comfy enough to catch multiple movies in. 

It’s a typical, old-style theater with a lot to offer. And if you aren’t a fan of the concessions available, there are plenty of places to eat nearby before or after you catch a movie. 

Test your skills at the Curious Escape Rooms 

Take an hour out of your day to immerse yourself in a world of mystery and fantasy. Curious Escape Rooms is home to unique, tangible puzzles that test your skills and how you work together with your chosen team. 

If you’ve never been to an escape room, now’s the time to try it out. Look through the puzzle room, snoop through the immersive decorations, and figure out what it takes to set yourself free. 

Escape rooms are all about teamwork and solving puzzles. Each room is designed to transport you into a new world. You’ll be locked in the room with your friends and forced to work together to crack the case and find the key. 

Go bowling at Putnam Street Lanes 

You can’t go wrong with a fun night out bowling. Putnam Street Lanes is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends whether you are a strong bowler or not. 

If you’re a big fan of bowling and looking for some regular fun, you can even sign up for an upcoming league and participate in tournaments. This is a great way to get to know new people and have a consistent, fun activity to attend with your friends. 

Keep the Massachusetts weed laws in mind before you go 

There’s no doubt that all of these activities pair well with weed. A walk through beautiful Coggshall Park could only be enhanced by a soothing, daytime strain. The experience of viewing art can go to the next level with the help of some marijuana. Watching a movie or solving an escape room puzzle can naturally be even more engaging under the influence of cannabis. 

That doesn’t erase the Massachusetts weed laws everyone should follow. It’s illegal to consume marijuana in public, for example. While it may seem ideal to light up a joint at Coggshall Park, it is a public place and this is not legal. 

Additionally, it is only legal to carry up to one ounce of marijuana at a time. Keeping any more than that on you can lead to criminal charges. 

Use common sense and your best judgment when deciding to incorporate cannabis into your activities. Remember that it is only legal to consume cannabis on private property. 

Stop by our Fitchburg weed store to stock up 

We hope our ideas for fun things to do in Fitchburg help you plan your next adventure. There’s a lot to do in this vibrant city and there’s plenty of cannabis to go around as well. 

Our Fitchburg pot shop is located at 346 River Street, Fitchburg MA. Stop by and stock up on everything you need from flower to concentrates and everything in between. We’re open from 10 am to 8 pm every day. Stop by today! 

3 Sativa Pre-rolls for an Active Day

Planning on spending the day out and about in Fitchburg, Massachusetts? Nothing pairs better with a day full of activities than a sativa pre-rolled joint from your favorite fitchburg dispensary! We chatted with our budtenders and lined up the top 3 favorite cannabis sativa pre-rolls for you to check out!

Skunk Hero by Common

With a name like Skunk Hero one could only assume it carries the genetic lineage of the iconic Skunk strain, and it does! Skunk hero is a cross of old school Skunk and Mandarin Sunset. A great strain for a relaxing afternoon out and about, with skunky and citrus smell and flavors, pairing nicely with a cold lemonade.

Cinderella 99 by Middlesex Integrative Medicine

Cinderella 99 also known as Cindy 99 or simply Cindy, is a very unique strain. Cinderlla 99 is rumored to have originated from a seed found in a Jack Herer package of flower from Sensi brand in Amsterdam and crossed with Shiva Skunk. Cindy 99 is known for its relaxing and euphoric high, with flavor of tropical citrus.

Stardawg by Ace Wieldman

Another classic and old school favorite, stardawg also known as stardog is a legendary cross of chemdawg and Tresdawg, and believed to have been named for its star like glittery trichomes. Stardawg has a strong diesel like smell with notes of skunk and fruit. Stardawg is a sativa dominate strain with strong euphoric effects.

Stop by The Healing Center 

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