The Healing Center’s Cannabis Gifts Guide

Need some infused gifts this holiday season? Let us take the last-minute Cannabis gifts off your plate. We’ve put together a cannabis gift guide so you can get everything you need for your favorite people in one stop with a special price! Plus each gift basket comes with a Stashlogix box for just 1 cent! (while supplies last). Please note, these gift baskets are not available to pre-order online, but feel free to call ahead and our staff will get a basket ready for you to pick-up!

To make it even easier, we’re offering three different cannabis gift baskets. Customize them to your special recipient’s tastes and you’ll be prepared with a thoughtful, useful gift. If you don’t want to go all out with a basket, you can pick and choose from the individual items we’ve included. However you go about it, a cannabis-infused gift basket is sure to impress. 

The Flower Basket – $200 

For the everyday stoner, keep it simple. Flower is power and it makes for a wonderful gift. Choose two eighths from our curated selection of strains: Crown Royale, ACDC, Afghani Purps, Black Mamba, Chocolate OG, Citral Glue, Crescendo, Dosido #22, Ethos Chem OG, and It’s It

There’s a good mix of indica and sativa-dominant hybrids, as well as CBD-dominant strains to choose from. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Load your stoner up with all the essentials, including a pack of raw cones or a BIC lighter. This gift basket also comes with a 5-pack of It’s It pre-rolls, a 1 gram Cookies and Cream blunt, a 1 gram Stardawg infused blunt, and while supplies last, a large Stashlogix bag for one cent. 

What is a Stashlogix bag? It’s a “​​Thoughtful. Secure. Discreet.” bag for all of your cannabis goodies. It’s smell-proof, sleek, and attractive – perfect for the on-the-go stoner. Our bags are valued at $69 but we only have a limited amount in-store, so be sure to stock up on your cannabis gift bags before we run out! 

The Edible Basket – $150

For the cannabis enthusiast who prefers to eat their weed, the edible gift basket is a natural choice. Choose any two Coast Cannabis chocolate bars – such as maple walnut, almond coconut sea salt, dark chocolate raspberry, cookies and cream, and more. Then pick from our selection of Betty’s Eddies (excluding bedtime products) to add a sweet, gluten-free and vegan edible to the mix. 

The edible basket also contains a shea butter salve, one pack of Bourne Baking Chocolate Chip Bites (the holiday baking options are endless), an RSO capsule, and any flavor of LEVIA seltzer. 

While supplies last, this edibles basket also comes with a small Stashlogix bag for one cent. Valued at $49, this is a great addition to elevate any cannabis lover’s present. 

Concentrate Basket – $200

You can’t go wrong with the Concentrate Basket for the extracts lover in your life. Make their life easier with a new way to use concentrates: the GRAV Vapor Straw & Dish. This contraption comes with a thick glass dish used to place your concentrate during use. Then, the end of the straw is heated with a lighter and placed against the concentrate, producing a vapor that can be easily inhaled through the other end of the straw. 

To complete the GRAV straw and dish, your concentrate lover will need some extracts. Choose any two 0.5 gram concentrates valued at $25 and any single $50 one gram concentrate. The basket also includes one Fernway .5 gram cartridge and a Fernway 510 battery

Of course, most concentrate enthusiasts have a torch on hand. We also include a refillable butane torch in our gift basket. Just be sure to not use it on the GRAV Straw & Dish, as it can hurt the glass. Save it for the big dabs on a dab rig. 

To complete the concentrate gift basket, we are including a medium Stashlogix bag valued at $59 for one cent while supplies last. 

Single-item gift ideas

Our cannabis gift bags are hand-curated by the knowledgeable staff at our Fitchburg dispensary. While they’re perfect for anyone who loves flower, concentrates, or edibles, you may not be in the business of buying a whole basket for a loved one. Here are some one-off ideas to inspire a small cannabis gift this season. 

Nordic Goddess therapeutic body balm 

Have a loved one with aches, pains, or injuries? Or maybe you just know someone who likes to treat themselves. Whatever the case, this body balm will not disappoint.

It’s a full-spectrum blend, meaning it provides all of the beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant, along with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. All of the ingredients work harmoniously to provide smoothness, calmness, and most of all, relief. 

Puffco Plus portable vaporizer 

If you have a loved one who uses high-quality concentrates and takes their experience seriously, look no further than the Puffco Plus portable vaporizer. Its mouthpiece combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one design, and users can extend the dart by pressing down on the silicone top. This makes scooping concentrates easy as ever. 

Fernway Strain Collection concentrates 

Choose from any of the premium strains in Fernway’s Strain Collection for a truly elevating gift. Grab Black Magic, a high purity, indica-dominant cannabis oil that is great for the insomniac in your life. Or pick up Dutch Dragon, an aromatic strain boasting notes of earth, wood, and citrus. It’s a euphoric sativa with a mysterious lineage. 

Whatever strain you choose from their selection, you’ll have the perfect gift for the cannabis lover in your life. The packaging is elegant and sophisticated, the ideal look for a special cannabis gift. 

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