What is RSO and How Do I Use It?

What is RSO and How Do I Use It?

Have you ever heard of Rick Simpson Oil, often referred to as RSO? It’s available at various dispensaries and sometimes made at home by consumers. But what is RSO? And what sets it apart from other cannabis extracts? We have the answers. 

Rick Simpson Oil is named after, you guessed it, a man named Rick Simpson. His story is one that establishes him as a pioneer for the medical marijuana movement. We can thank Rick Simpson for pushing forward full-plant extracts and highlighting the potential medical benefits of cannabis. 

How did he do it? 

The Rick Simpson story 

Back in the late 1990s, Rick Simpson was working in a poorly-ventilated boiler room in a Canadian hospital. He collapsed from toxic fumes from the asbestos removal and was knocked unconscious. After the incident, he suffered from dizziness and tinnitus for years. 

He wasn’t able to get relief from prescribed pharmaceuticals or traditional pain relievers. Simpson decided to test out marijuana to see if it could provide the relief he was so desperately seeking. He started to grow cannabis and, lo and behold, he found relief. 

The real story didn’t begin until several years later. Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. He decided to try out marijuana’s healing powers for his condition, inspired by a study he had read describing THC’s ability to kill cancer cells in mice. 

His methodology had to change for this application, given the cancer was on his skin. He sought a way to apply cannabis topically and figured out how to extract oil from his plants. Just under a week after regularly applying the oil directly to his cancerous growths, they disappeared

And that’s where Rick Simpson Oil came from. Instead of patenting his technique and profiting from his discovery, Simpson dedicated himself to educating others. His website contains information on how to make Rick Simpson Oil and advice for application. 

Rick Simpson Oil specifics 

We know RSO is a potent cannabis extract. But there are tons on the market, so what makes it stand out? First, RSO was the predecessor to many of the current extracts of today. Without his contribution to the concentrates world, we wouldn’t be where we are. 

Most of the plant extracts you can find at our Fitchburg dispensary are light in color. There are no visible plant materials or imperfections because they have been processed to full purity. 

RSO is different. It is dark, unrefined, and sometimes has flecks of plant matter present. Nothing is filtered, leaving a deep, rich oil loaded with THC. It’s an optimal choice for medical patients who want to benefit from the full plant. It captures all of the compounds, from cannabinoids and terpenes to flavonoids and all the other beneficial components.

How to use RSO 

RSO can be used in various ways depending on individual needs. Today, you don’t have to make your own RSO to reap its benefits. You can just pick up RSO oral applicators or capsules at our Fitchburg dispensary. 

We’ll start our instructions going off of Rick Simpson’s guidelines. Keep in mind that if you purchase RSO at a Massachusetts dispensary, it may have its own set of guidelines. If you have a product with specific guidelines for use, or you receive advice from a budtender suggesting a specific method, we’d recommend following those guidelines instead. That’s because Rick Simpson’s suggestions are based on homemade production, which is much less consistent than RSO produced by cannabis companies. 

If you don’t have any other guidelines, Simpson suggests starting with about three doses per day, at about the size of half a grain of rice. He suggests taking this dose every eight hours. 

After four days, he says it’s time to double each dose. Continue to double every four days until you are ingesting 1 gram (or 1 ml) every day. It typically takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks to reach this stage. 

Remember, if your product has its own recommendations, it’s best to follow instructions from the manufacturer. They have a better understanding of their product’s specifications. 

And while Rick Simpson’s story is nothing short of incredible, keep in mind it is anecdotal. We have no definitive evidence that cannabis can cure any sort of cancer. RSO has been beneficial to many medical patients, and we hope to see more research about its potential in the future. 

A closer look at our RSO products

Curious about the RSO oral applicator or capsules we have stocked at our Fitchburg weed store? Let us clear up any confusion. 

What is RSO and How Do I Use It?

The oral applicator from Nature’s Heritage is RSO in its true oil form. It’s made for users to ingest in the manner outlined above or applied topically. Heck, you can even make your own edibles out of it since it’s already decarboxylated. 

One syringe full contains one gram, loaded with 700 mg of THC. That’s why we say you should start slow: it’s potent.

If you’re looking to purchase the closest thing to Rick Simpson’s original oil, it’s this. No hassle making it at home, just an easy, pre-dosed syringe from our friends at Nature’s Heritage. 

What is RSO and How Do I Use It?

The capsules, also from Nature’s Heritage, are simply powdered RSO packed into pill form. They’re great for customers who do not like the taste of RSO or want an easier way to get their daily dose. You can expect the same effects as RSO from the syringe.

Stock up at the Healing Center 

Many people don’t realize that our Fitchburg pot shop carries unique extracts like Rick Simpson Oil. But we think it’s important to keep these options on the shelf. 

Stop by and pick some up today. Don’t want RSO? We have many other options to choose from! 

Stop by The Healing Center 

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