What is the proper way to store weed?

Did you stock up on some green at our Fitchburg dispensary but don’t know the best way to store it? If you don’t smoke it soon, you may lose some important compounds and end up with a less potent product. Or worse, your weed could become moldy and unsafe to consume. Don’t worry though, there’s an easy fix. We’ll show you the proper way to store weed so you can get the most out of your stash. 

While a lot of the products on our shelves are easily resealed and reused, you should know that not all containers are made for long-term use. If you buy a gram of weed and smoke it within a few days, it’s not a big deal to keep it in the jar or bag it came in. That’s because it is unlikely to break down much in such a short time. But if you keep all of your weed in a big jar you pull from year-round, you should know the proper way to store it. That’s where we come in. Let’s dive in! 

Why does weed storage matter? 

When it comes to cannabis storage, you might think, whatever, it’s weed. It will get you high either way. That’s not necessarily true, though. Moisture can wreak havoc on weed and heat and light can accelerate the breakdown of important compounds. Weed that has been improperly stored can still get you high, but it’s going to be less potent, drier, and overall a less pleasant experience. 

If you don’t want your weed – and money – wasted, you’ll want to store weed properly. Keep the integrity of your flower in tact with these guidelines:

Stay cool 

You’re already cool, right? So your weed should be too. Don’t keep it anywhere that gets hot or sees a lot of sunlight. High temperatures can easily dry out your bud and kill off the terpenes, so you’ll want to avoid storing your cannabis by a window that brings in warmth, a heater, or any other warm space. 

And while cool is best, too cold is not goof. Don’t allow your cannabis to freeze, as this can cause the trichomes to deteriorate and diminish the overall potency of your flower. Instead, a drawer, closet, or other enclosed space that doesn’t get hot should do the trick. 

Stay dark 

It’s not just the heat that should prevent you from storing cannabis near a window, it’s also the light. You know when you leave a paper, shirt, or other item in a window near the light and it fades from the sunlight? That’s what can happen to your cannabis. UV light coming in from the window can break down cannabinoids and terpenes and render your bud less potent. 

We recommended a drawer or closet for storage earlier, and using this kind of space helps to keep any light out as well. Anywhere that stays dark and cool is a good idea for storage. 

Stay moisture free

We don’t always have control over our environments, but keeping your buds away from moisture is key for avoiding mold. You certainly don’t want your cannabis to be stored somewhere so dry that its compounds break down, but you also don’t want it to be too moist, as this can rapidly accelerate the growth of mold and mildew. 

What kind of containers should I store my weed in?

Before we list off the types of containers that will work for weed storage, let us give you this piece of advice: ditch the Ziploc bags. While keeping weed in a sandwich bag was common in the illicit market, our dispensary in Fitchburg offers a wide range of products in various containers, none of which resemble a Ziploc bag. That’s because the thin, delicate material is not efficient at preventing light, heat, and other factors penetrate and breakdown the weed. 

As a general rule of thumb, glass is usually best, especially for longtime storage. It’s nonporous and there are many airtight options for glass containers. Keeping cannabis in its plastic container is common, but should really only be used for short-term use because the plastic can start to impact the flavor. Weed particles often get stuck in plastic containers and can be hard to get out, leading to waste. 

Some people opt for tinted glass and other products that prevent light from getting through, but you don’t need to go to these lengths. You can simply store your glass container in a cool dark place, such as a drawer or closet, like we mentioned before. 

And remember, for the short-term, it’s not going to hurt your weed to keep it in the container it came in from the store. Assuming you use up your buds in a timely manner, you shouldn’t run into any storage issues. But by all means, make sure you are sealing bags or containers properly to prevent moisture from entering. And be sure to keep it in a cool, dark place, as you would with any other cannabis container. 

Store away from children and pets

This probably goes without saying, but keep your cannabis stored away from children and animals. Quality containers may be difficult to get into for pets and kids, but don’t underestimate the dedication both our pets and children can put in when they’re curious about something. It’s why keeping your weed locked away in a drawer or closet is ideal for storage. 

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