Is a high thc percentage the most important factor when shopping cannabis?

Is higher THC better? THC percentage used to be all the rage. It’s still an important factor when deciding what cannabis product to purchase, but as more information about cannabis compounds emerges, not everyone is shopping specifically for a high THC percentage – including those who want a recreational high. What else are they looking for? 

Terpene profiles and other cannabinoids are on savvy cannabis consumers’ minds when shopping. That’s because they play an important role in the overall high experience. 

Many people believe the best way to get high is to buy the most potent weed, leading them to shop for high THC percentages. We see this often at our Fitchburg pot shop. Someone will come in looking for the most potent option and ask which flower has the highest THC content. Sure, this may be an indicator of how strong the weed is, but it’s not a guarantee. 

In fact, some research has indicated that high THC content doesn’t get users higher. Now, if you’ve ever taken a high-THC dab and felt like you went to outer space, you may disagree. But hear us out. 

Terpene profile over THC content 

One key compound many cannasseurs look at when shopping weed is terpene profile. This can have a much bigger effect on the overall high than THC percentage. 

You may be wondering what a terpene is. The short answer: Terpenes are volatile, aromatic compounds found in the essential oils of many plants including cannabis. They are responsible for the distinct aroma we associate with weed, and even more for the delightful variations in flavor and aroma from strain to strain. Some weed has a particularly citrusy smell, and we can attribute that to the lemony terpene, limonene. Strains with strong notes of pine are undoubtedly loaded with the aromatic terpene pinene. 

Every strain has a rich terpene profile. Even if you swear that your favorite high THC strain gets you in the zone solely from its THC content, it likely has a powerful terpene profile as well. That’s because terpenes aren’t just responsible for the unique smells and flavors of cannabis. They also have specific effects. 

For example, myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis. It’s often the dominant terpene in strains along with a smaller, more diverse cast of terpenes. Myrcene is known to have anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. We know that pain relief and tiredness are common effects from using cannabis, so it’s no surprise that the most common terpene found in the plant is known for these effects.

And then there are other terpenes, like the ones we mentioned earlier. Limonene is known for mood elevation, stress relief, and antibacterial and antifungal properties. Users looking for a euphoric high may opt for a strain with a high limonene content, rather than just high THC. Pinene is also known to be anti-inflammatory and good for relieving anxiety and pain. Additionally, it is referred to as a bronchodilator – something that helps open the airways. 

There are dozens of other common terpenes present in cannabis. Cannabis strains typically have a large, diverse terpene profile. Many are present in trace amounts, whereas others are more dominant and may play a role in the effects you experience. 

Next time you’re shopping cannabis in Fitchburg and want something with specific effects, examine the terpene profiles of the strains you are interested in. You may find that you can have a more tailored experience this way. 

Other cannabinoids are worth consideration 

Cannabis strains aren’t just composed of THCa (the acid precursor that converts to THC when heated or otherwise activated). In fact, there are lots of cannabinoids present in the plant. Like terpenes, many are present in trace amounts, but some strains have significant differences. 

The most obvious cannabinoid to look at outside of THC is CBD. Short for cannabidiol, CBD has gained a lot of attention in the last decade as more and more people become attuned to its therapeutic but non-intoxicating effects. 

Since CBD is common and sought after, more and more cultivators are creating CBD-dominant strains. You can find flower that only contains CBD, or you can find just about any ratio of THC and CBD that strikes your fancy. 

Strains with higher CBD percentages are less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia. Many people who don’t like the way they feel when smoking high-THC weed may have a better experience choosing a strain with a higher CBD content. 

And then there are other minor cannabinoids like THCV, CBG, CBN, and others. These are much less abundant in cannabis strains but still play an important role. Moreso, researchers are looking into ways to use the isolated forms of these compounds for therapeutic purposes. 

While most strains have very small contents of these minor cannabinoids, some have more noticeable amounts. For example, Durban Poison has a significant THCV content, which can lead to a noticeable appetite suppression for some users. 

High THC Strains at The Healing Center

Looking for high thc strains? We rounded up the top highest thc strains available at the Healing Center!

Wedding Cake by Insa

Clocking in at 35% THC, this Wedding Cake strain is one of the highest thc strains currently available at The Healing Center. A cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, expect deep notes of pine, skunk and berries. Wedding Cake is a perfect strain for relaxing in the evenings or before bed.

Grape Pie by TruFlower

Grape Stomper x Cherry Pie Hailing from the legendary breeders over at Cannarado Genetics, Grape Pie was created by breeding Grape Stomper with Cherry Pie – both widely known for their exceptional flavors. Lime green flowers with purple on the calyx tips give an impression of old school purps complete with resinous frost that covers the colas and extends onto the leaves. As the name would suggest Grape Pie is delicious.

Motorbreath #15 from Mile 62 by Rev Clinics

Taking the best from both hybrid parents, Motorbreath is infamously gassy and potent. Reported to take the calming, numbing body high of SFV OG and combine it with the citrus, gas essence of Chem Dawg. Patients have often said Motorbreath brings a strong sense of relaxation and euphoria. It’s been reported this strain is perfect to kick-back and watch your stress melt away. Brought to us by Pisces Genetics.

The bottom line 

Should you be shopping for a high THC percent? Sure, if you want a strong effect from your cannabis, it’s a good place to start. But many people have a much stronger, better high from strains with powerful terpene profiles and lower THC percentages. You may need to experiment and see what strains and dominant terpenes are better for your needs. 

Don’t think you need to buy a product with the highest THC percent in our Fitchburg weed store just to get the highest experience. You may just need quality bud with aromatic terpenes. One of our friendly budtenders would be happy to guide you in the right direction. 

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